Jenna Monroe singer and performer

Jenna Monroe

Holistic Singing Teacher in Gloucestershire

B.A. Hons, Singing; Post Grad Music Therapy, EFT Advanced Practitioner

The first time we meet, we'll have a chat as to where you are with your singing/voice & what you're aspiring to. No matter how simple, complex or ambitious your goals - whether performance oriented or therapeutic - I will do my best to assist you. My job is to help you find your voice in its most authentic expression & individual style. My intention is to help you develop the courage & confidence to access and release as much of your vocal potential as you dare. You are your voice, so we will be working with your body, emotions, will & imagination.

  • One-to-one sessions tailored to the needs and desired outcomes of each individual
  • A thorough technical foundation
  • Coaching of jazz, classical, music theatre and popular music styles
  • Performance coaching
  • General vocal improvisation, individually or in workshop settings
  • Vocal coaching of music theatre and theatre productions
  • Sight singing training, if this is desired or necessary
  • Therapeutic toning
  • Simple stretches targeted to relax, strengthen & prepare the body. This is in conjunction with breath work to integrate cognitive function with the body in order to work as a unified whole instrument.
  • A creative, transformational approach that will deepen your self-awareness and confidence
Jenna Monroe singer and EFT practitioner


"Jenna is an inspirational teacher and we feel so lucky to have found her to sing with our 7 year old daughter. Her lessons are bursting with soul and creativity and it is a joy to watch our daughter develop and thrive with Jenna." Clare & Rob T, Rose's parents.
"Jenna Monroe personalises her approach entirely to where you are at. She is fully attentive & considerate of your needs and most importantly, focused on realising your true potential. This is crucial and why I rate Jenna extremely highly. In the thirty years that I've been singing professionally, Jenna Monroe is the best singing teacher I have had." Neil Patterson
"Six years ago, I was a child unable to sing in front of my own parents. I now have an unconditional place at the London College of Music. With Jenna, I've grown more than I'd thought myself capable of in technique, creativity, confidence, flexibility as a performer and as a person in general. I've been able to express myself fully and feel completely safe." Jess Fowler, age 18
"Without Jenna's depth of understanding and sensitivity, my goals would have been impossible to reach. EFT has become a seamless & integral part of her overall approach - the result feels almost magical in how blocks dissolve as if they'd never been." Jools S. age 50
"Jenna, my singing teacher, has a heart of pure gold. Her singing voice is spectacular. The thing I like about her lessons is that she lets me sing my own way. She teaches me very tricky things in a kind way to make me better at singing. My singing lessons give me joy in my life." Rose T, age 7
"I did toning with Jenna for 6 months during major life & hormonal changes. I'd lost confidence in 'finding my voice' in anything. I went with Jenna's intuition to tone rather than sing, though sceptical, but Jenna was very supportive & always gave me the option of going back to something more traditional. I was able to relax, go at my own pace & experiment with instinctual sounds & breath, contacting a freedom of expression I'd never experienced. I grew to trust my inner voice & grew as a person, too. I can now confidently say that I have a voice and can happily sing my own song! I find Jenna to be a very encouraging, insightful and intuitive practitioner as well as a skilled musician." Beverly F, age 54
"I love the days I have my singing lesson. Jenna is a really inspirational teacher, so positive & encouraging. I had my first lesson when I was 70 & it's one of the best things I've ever done." Anne Copeland, age 73
"Jenna is a uniquely gifted & highly experienced singer & teacher of singing. Her training & experience as a singer is rich, deep and varied, encompassing classical, opera, jazz & improvisational approaches. She brings this wealth of technical and musical experience & an extensive parallel therapeutic knowledge to bear on her teaching with consistently excellent results for her students. I have collaborated with Jenna for many years on performance projects and in jointly preparing students for music theatre exams & am still surprised & impressed by her breadth of knowledge, artistic instinct & ability to adapt to the needs of each student." Adam Fotheringham, theatre director/coach/OMA associate
"In the space of a few short weeks, Jenna increased my confidence & vocal technique hugely. She helped me with my song writing, performance capabilities & opened my mind to my full potential. I highly recommend her." Molly-Anne, singer/songwriter, age 26
"Jenna always embraces my ambitions. She makes me feel happy about going to my singing lessons & she makes me feel like I will be able to sing." Freya James, age 11
"Jenna's teaching has transformed my singing. She is professional, positive and encouraging. Her focus on a really good technique has enabled me to take on repertoire I'd have previously thought impossible. Highly recommended." Sylvia Wilson, vet.
"I love lessons with Jenna. Even if you're not wanting to become professional, it's very therapeutic & great fun. Having had lessons for seven years since I was 11, Jenna has been like a second mother to me and a constant shoulder to lean on." Lauren Gardiner

Jenna's Students, Past & Present

Sophronie Edwards (folk)
Kally Jockel (r&b / hip hop)
Lucy Sparks (reggae fusion / jazz)
Laura Ridley (jazz standard)
Jack Curtis (music theatre)

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