Jenna Monroe singer and performer


"A performance of power and passion She sang classic work songs and spirituals magnificently and should take this to as wide an audience as possible." Newbury Weekly News

"Piercingly understated, chilling... her vocal technique underpins the beauty of her delivery, but it is the soulful quality of her repertoire and willingness to sing with her whole being that brings her work to life in a unique way." Stroud News & Journal

Monroe sings Cohen - Stroud News & Journal

Jenna makes a thrilling splash in Bath - Stroud News & Journal

"A singer of terrific emotional power." Gloucestershire Echo

What other artists say about Jenna's work

"Her voice is so rich and free - fabulous listening" Tony Platt, platinum award-winning producer of ASWAD, Krokus, AC/DC.

"An absolutely mesmerising performer" Marion Montgomery, jazz singer.

"Rich and beautiful" Helen Chadwick, singer.

"Utterly original - an enormous talent" Maria Jagusz, mezzo soprano.

"Extraordinarily beautiful" Keith Tippett,experimental jazz pianist.

"The most intuitive, intensely musical singer I have ever worked with" Ian Barr, former head of vocal studies, Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts.

"...a wealth of pianistic and vocal colour and excellence, harmonic richness and beauty, poetic flights as well as depths... an enormously wide range: humour, pathos, sorrow, joy. Jenna created an atmosphere of tremendous warmth and ease and made the whole evening a most rewarding experience. A wonderful artist." Gilbert Biberian, classical guitarist/composer


New Moon Festival : October 18th - 21st 2018, Yosemite Valley.

I will be offering workshops on breath, toning, chanting, vocal improvisation and shamanic improvisation.

See for ticket prices and more details.

Jenna Monroe singer and EFT practitioner

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